You’re ready to do your first Facebook ad but you also don’t want to break the bank. In this short video, I walk you through 3 ways to lower your Facebook ad costs.

One of the questions I get asked often is how can I use Facebook ads to grow my list.
I like to look at what you already have and see how we can use that to reach your goals. For example, do you have an email list? Facebook page? Blog? All of these can help lower your costs.
Often what I will see business owners do is simply create an ad by targeting other pages as interests and hoping for the best.
Targeting with interests does work but before reaching a cold audience that might not know you, it’s best to work with a warm audience who might already be familiar with you but not necessarily on your list.
If you want to lower your costs, you want to target people who may already be familiar with your brand or are similar to people who like your page or are on your list.


1. Create A Custom Audience
On Facebook you can create custom audiences and then target those custom audiences.
For example, you could upload your mailing list and then have Facebook create a ‘lookalike’ audience that is similar to your mailing list and serve ads to that audience.


2. Grow Your Page Likes
While it may seem counter-intuitive since organic reach of posts on Facebook Pages have gone down, paying for likes will cost less than trying to target a cold audience and have them directly opt-in to your list. What you can then do is setup an ad that is only shown to people who have liked your page and exclude people who may already be on your mailing list (by using the custom audience you created in point 1). With this method, you could setup an adset that is continually growing your page and your list at the same time.


3. Retarget Website Visitors
Remember that pair of shoes you looked at on Amazon and next thing you know that pair of shoes is following you around the web? That’s retargeting. Thanks to the Facebook Pixel you can do the same thing! By creating a custom audience of website visitors, you can serve ads specifically to people who have visited your website. This warm audience will be people who are familiar with you because they read a blog, looked at your sales page or maybe visited your optin but never signed up and you have an opportunity to get in front of them with a targeted ad.
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