Launching With Farideh Caeser

Farideh Ceaser joins me today to talk all things launching and shares simple launch strategies that will help you improve sales because no one likes launching to crickets, right?

We talked about the work you need to do *before* you put up your sales page, the importance of creating connection with your audience through blogs, newsletters, 1-1s and being able to tell stories, the importance of being an extreme version of yourself and being able to stand out online and how ensuring a successful launch has a lot to do with what you do before you launch.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a connection with your audience
  • Research what your audience wants through surveys, 1 on 1 calls
  • Ensuring a successful launch has a lot to do with what you do before you launch
  • Create desire. Start talking about your launch.


What are you launching? I’d love to hear!

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About Farideh Ceaser

Farideh Ceaser - Launch StrategistFarideh (fair-a-day) Ceaser has spent her life in creative entrepreneurship. As a musician, she has toured the world making a personal connection with various audiences through her voice, storytelling and humour. Professionally, Farideh has worked on the marketing teams of multi-million dollar corporations. Farideh is passionate about all things launching and stays up late hatching brilliant plans for her genius clients.  Learn more about her at