Sandy Sidhu is a digital strategist and idea igniter who helps entrepreneurs break down technology into simple concepts, learn the need-to-know of marketing and the web, all while helping you create community and connection with your customers. Sandy has a weekly podcast, The Business Ignite Show, where she interviews entrepreneurs who share actionable business insights.

She is available for guest blogs, interviews and speaking engagements.

Past Speaking Engagements

Specific Topics She Can Address Include

  • The Power Of Online Communities to Help You Leap, Launch & Grow
  • Digital Marketing 101
  • The Power Of Webinars To Grow Your Brand

You can contact Sandy at sandy (at)

Outside of these topics Sandy is happy to address social media, technology, and online marketing.

Featured In

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Audio & Video Interviews

Global Life Summit: Tech Tools for Your Global Career (and Life)

The Prosper Summit: Using Webinars To Grow Your Business

I Hate Marketing Summit: How To Create, Promote and Profit With Webinars

The Starters Club: Learn How To Run Webinars Like A Pro

Socially Holistic Podcast: How To Run Webinars Using Google Hangouts On Air

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Work.Life.Branding: Producing Great IRL events

Small Planet Studio: Your Global Life Case Study

The Stacey Harris: Making Connections To Grow Your Business

Live the Dream Challenge: Info Products 101

Chaos to Clarity with Systems Rock: Delegating & How To Get The Most Out Of Your Assistant

Successful Women Talk: From Stuck To Unstoppable [Video Interview]

Anne Marie Cross-The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show: From Stuck to Unstoppable

Guest Posts & Quoted In

Access Direct: Leveraging Landing Pages

Verizon Solutions Lab: 7 Best Practices For Blogging About Your Business

Media Leaders:  30+ Digital Marketing Tools to Engage Customers

Marketing Mojo: 14 IFTTT Recipes for Marketers That Will Make Content Marketing Easier

My Corporation: Experts Weigh In- What’s Your Favorite Entrepreneur Tool?

Convince & Convert: How To Run Your Next Webinar With Google Hangouts On Air

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Six Figure Start: Finding Your Customers Online Is Easier Than You Think

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